University of Nevada Reno - College of Business (UNR)

The University of Nevada, Reno's College of Business is the premier provider of business education in the region. The College prepares students to become competitive, ethical and innovative business professionals in order to drive economic development and improve quality of life for all citizens of the State of Nevada. They continue to be an increasingly influential driver of economic development in the State of Nevada. Since 2007, Dean Gregory Mosier has helped shape the College into a nationally-recognized center for business knowledge and information.

The strength of the college is its people. At Nevada's College of Business, the faculty and staff are what has earned the college is impressive reputation. Experts with years of industry, research and academic experience take pride in preparing the next generation to be leaders and innovators in business. The mission of the college is the following: “The College of Business inspires, engages, and educates innovative change-makers through excellence in research, teaching, and outreach. We drive economic vitality and improve quality of life in our communities”.